Leveling the Playing Fields

There has always been criticism of the role the educational system plays in the preparation of our youth for a successful future. My criticism has been that even though the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic are covered, vital skills for success in life are not. But this opinion stems from my own definition of success.

My definition of success expands beyond the ability to obtain and keep a J.O.B. that pays minimum wages, or even a job that pays above average salaries. Rather, success is the ability to use one’s skills and abilities to achieve financial freedom.

I know from my only secular education at one of the best public high schools in California, entrepreneurial opportunities were never discussed. During my college studies, the focus was to obtain a J.O.B. after graduation. Networking marketing and small business ventures were only presented as risky.

The lifeplan of school, college, and get a job is the paradigm most are trained to follow. However, only a small percentage of those who follow this plan end up with any level of wealth or financial satisfaction in their secular life.

Then there are those who never even see college or a significant income as a possibility because they do not know anyone or was not mentored by anyone who achieved these goals in life. So they never open up their eyes wide to think big and achieve extraordinary results. Or they give up without even putting forth any real effort.

My aim is to level the playing fields. I wish to do this by tapping into the ways to generate income regardless of social or educational background. The idea is to be able to use the anonymous nature of the internet to generate income that can be started with no money, so therefore there are no barriers to entry for anyone. As long as they can get to a computer at a library, they could get started working for themselves, generating income for themselves on a pay for effort basis.

Do not get me wrong, school, college, and jobs, all have their place in society and the economy. But they are not enough to ensure that everyone who follows that lifeplan will be able to make ends meet, provide quality education and healthcare for their children, and provide for retirement, whether early to enjoy life or late because of aging.

There are too many barriers within recruitment, promotions and availability of work, to be able for it to be an even playing field for even those with identical resumes. I’ve hit the glass ceiling more than once in my career and I have no desire for my daughter’s needs to be muffled, due to my own lack of climbing the corporate ladder, quickly enough. I do not want any employer to be the one to say what school my daughter is good enough to attend. I want to have that control.

The only way I see to have that control is to level the playing fields, by generating multiple streams of income online, such that no one source of income provides for the bulk of my family’s financial needs. This is not a task that my secular education prepared me to pursue; but it is a journey that I see as imperative to ensure the financial well being of our family.